Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ya Hoo to you too--Ghana support group

I have done it. I made my own yahoo group....Now hopefully it will go somewhere. I am so not computer sauvy ...but I did get it up and running. Now it is for anyone who is interested in Ghana adoptions...whether you are adopting or have adopted or just interested in helping the children of Ghana...this group is for you.

I hope we can share, encourage and support one another as we walk these journeys of adoption. I personally think communication and openess among adoptive families ( even with families not in your agency ) is the best way to keep adoptions legit and honest. I know I have benefitted by my conversations with other adoptive families in all the adoptions we have done. It helps to see if everyone's experiences are similar and if everyone is being told the same information. I know some agencies do not like communication like this but that would be a huge red flag if I was discouraged to communicate. It would make me feel like something dishonest or illegal was going on. Now I can fully understand keeping a blog private while in country ( at least for some countries) during the process but honestly it is a shame to me that families have to feel like they can't share experiences.....We are each others best assurance of keeping adoptions open, legal and honest. Our communication can be a tool to hold agencies accountable . Here is the link if you care to join us


Difference2This1 said...

At this point we are not a "Ghana" family, but I have to believe this support group will be a great one for any who are with you there to share your great wealth of adoption wisdom and experiences adopting children of numerous ages from several countries!!! :) Blessings, Jennifer

Unknown said...

I was talking to some Vodafone friends, and I was wondering if Kofi could contact VF Ghana for assistance? They do VF Angels and other charitable things in many countries. I imagine they have a lot of people going to them in Ghana, but seriously, it couldn't help.