Thursday, March 31, 2011

Taste and See that He is Good....

Taste and see that I am good. The more intimately you experience Me, the more convinced you become of My goodness. I am the Living One who see you and longs to participate in your life. I am training you to find Me in each moment and to be a channel of My loving Presence. Sometimes My blessings come to you in mysterious ways : through pain and trouble. At such times you can know My goodness only through your trust in Me. Understanding will fail you, but trust will keep you close to Me.

Thank Me for the gift of Peace, a gift  of such immense proportions that you cannot fathom its depth or breadth. When I appeared to My disciples after the resurrection, it was Peace that I communicated first of all. I knew this was their deepest need : to calm their fears and clear their minds. I also speak Peace to you, for I know your anxious thoughts. Listen to Me! Tune out other voices, so that you can hear Me more clearly. I designed you to dwell in Peace all day. Draw near to Me ; receive My Peace.


This picture of Andrew was taken over a year ago ( early March) . He had been home only a little over 2 months and was still taking all of his nourishment from bottles. He was comforted by the bottle that had fed him all of his 5 yrs before. We can not even imagine eating like that- table food run thru the blender with added liquids..It even smelled nasty but to Andrew it was food and comfort. We tried for the next months to get him to taste and see that other ways and other consistency were good...but only until he was forced to accept the spoon and his willingness to allow us to give him a food that was much thicker did he let us feed him with a spoon . This happened 10 months later...he still controls the parameters of how and he has to suck his thumb while the spoon is in his mouth...He does not chew or bite yet. Isn't this how we are with the God ? Whatever we are comfortable with we allow Him into...Whatever terms we set up and parameters we box him into .. He is allowed to be in our lives...May I encourage you to Taste and see that He is good.

The pictures of Ava show how a child looks first at her food and is tenative about trying the new food...boy again we are just like that...I guess you can say it is human nature to have trouble trusting in what we can not see or have ever tasted before...We need to just Taste and see that He is good.....

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