Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tangled ...and some character building

I took the girls to see the movie Tangled when it came out months ago. I actually loved the movie and we have waited for it to come out to rent for all of us to watch as a family. This afternoon we are watching it and we will follow up with some more discussion later. I started the movie with all the girls sharing about what they hope to find in their prospective mate...we have talked lots about these issues and have chosen to walk towards courtship instead of "dating". So we like to not use the terms  boy friend/girl friend. After they shared we talked about these character traits and got the boys opinion on them....All to cultivate some character building towards more positive and godly relationships . As well as to get our children thinking not just about how one looks but to look deeper. Using this movie as a tool to jump off into more discussions like this tonite during Bible.


Christie M said...

I like how you integrate "entertainment" movies, into life lessons.... we do a lot of things the same my dear kindred spirit. :)

The Via Colony said...

What a great idea! I respect your family SO much. I am going to use this idea with our kids.

Thank your for your encouraging lives!