Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anyone else out there like me?

If you were to ask any of my first group of children ( who are now grown) what is one thing momma loves to do every so often ? They would all tell you ," move rooms around." I have always done this and actually love it because it gives us a chance to do some cleaning as well as it changes the home and makes it feel new. Today I did not wake up with the thought of changing the rooms but as the afternoon came I decided to. We are getting company tomorrow- Jenn and the kids for a long wknd....So we started in the room we call the "green" room- actually our 3d family room :) We brought the futon sofa in for her to sleep on with the boys on the other sofa. Then I was looking at the sunroom and remembering how we once had our tables in there and decided to flip the sunroom with the family room off the kitchen. So our old room with the tables now has our family room furniture and our huge sunroom is our dining area and the first family room area is a diff. play area, reading room. Then we went into the first addition off of this and changed it around. Leah and Cate redid Andrew's room....So our home is like new. Do any of you ever do something like this ? We used to laugh that our first child who was blind- Abraham learned his mobility skills because , " mom always moved the furniture and he adapted to the room change." Tonite our second, blind child, Andrew actually loved the changes and was all over the downstairs just discovering :)


Christie M said...

I love to move rooms around. It is a fetish that nobody understands but me, and I guess you. :)

It is like moving, without moving. :)
It satisfies some type of a need to build a fresh nest. :)

Jodi said...

My husbands always teasing me about moving the rooms around...but I HAVE to! It makes me feel so much better to have a change, and get everything's a little pick-me-up for me :)

Plus, I think it's a 'woman' thing ;)

osborn said...

I love to move rooms around. That way everyone can see i've done something. just thinking this morning about moving the some of our kids to different rooms

A. Gillispie said...

I totally do this!! We just changed our living room around to a semi-ridiculous arrangement because I HAD to have a change! We don't have enough rooms to actually switch the purpose for a room, but I would SO do that if I could! My kids have been in every one of the 3 bedrooms upstairs. Our last bedroom switch was a few weeks ago. =-)