Thursday, April 14, 2011

Please pray for my 2 cuties tomorrow...

Luke and Mya are both having leg surgery Friday am.. Luke is getting his Eight plate removed from his r knee. It was placed a few yrs ago to help his leg grow straighter. Mya is having one put in her l leg and the rod in her femur removed. It was put in from last April when her external fixator was help stabilize/strengthen her bone that had just grown 4 inches. It should be same day surgeries -one after the other. Mya first and then Luke's. This is the second time we have done 2 children's surgeries like this. Luke and Joseph had their rhinoplasty ( nose jobs ) with the cleft team 3 and a half yrs ago. I appreciate when it can be done like this. Our surgeons have been wonderful to our family and the needs of our children. Here are Mya and Luke sitting at one of our 2 new children's tables I just bought at Sam's Club today- making pictures for Dr. Standard. Both kiddos are excited and have been joined at the hip all week because they are doing their surgery together :) I will update tomorrow nite...thanks for your prayers.

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