Thursday, April 14, 2011

This was one of the surprises this week....

On Tuesday I went outside to the garage to get something out from the freezer and noticed the water on the floor...Looking up I noticed more and then I went inside the laundry room and heard a rushing of water from the ceiling...Upstairs was the big girls bathroom and we could hear water running in the walls :) Thankfully Ben was home and was able to turn off the water. When Paul came home he figured that the connector to one of the girl's showers was the culprit...He did not have the correct tool to fix it but because we have a super great system for the plumbing we were able to just shut off that one shower...all the other sinks, tolites and shower and first set of washer/dryers we could still use. Just not the shower that leaked...Jeff ( our contractor who has the correct tool came and fixed it )...Not to much damage and fortunately we were home...I can not imagine the damage if we were not.

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