Saturday, April 23, 2011

Please pray for Annabel

To say that my heart is aching tonite is not enough to truly express my feelings right now. We went to church tonite and when we came home Joseph said he saw a message on Kofi's fb wall about an Annabel...

  • some African children experience difficulties learning to sleep on bed. Annabel fell down from her bed last night. she is badly hurt and need your prayers.
This is how we heard about our daughter getting hurt...No phone call, no fb message to me or even email to our agency or us...We have heard nothing tonite and I am sick worrying about her and wondering what is going on...So I am asking for your prayers tonite for our little Annabel. I don't even know what is wrong with her....Pray for her to be ok and for us to get some communication from Kofi about her soon.

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Christie M said...

Prayers for Annabelle going up. Oh dear! I hope you hear something asap!