Friday, April 1, 2011

What are we doing ? Moving ?

No we are not moving...I would not even entertain that idea....But we are helping Mary Kate and Keith move into to their new home. They were able to purchase their first home last nite...Amazing gift from God for them and we are  helping them move in today and Sat.....Last nite some friends and family put up all the blinds, ceiling fans, set up the attic for storage, and some of the girls helped Mary Kate set up her kitchen....beds are in today and we will move the big stuff tonite and Sat....It is so exciting to help one of your children move into their first home...and the best part they have moved even closer to us :) NaNa and Paw Paw couldn't be happier.

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crzy4myfam said...

What a blessing having a family to help out! Congrats on the new houses! Yea God!!!!

~ Rebecca