Friday, April 8, 2011

A quick update on Andrew

Andrew has been feeling better and I shared we can tell by how much more he is doing now. He really is starting to stand and trying to take a few steps on his own. This is something he would not attempt at all months ago.

He has been off of his antibiotics for a little over a week and his vomiting came back. This time being the 3d time our doctor wanted to test his stool for H. Pyloria. I am sure it will be positive. I am sure he is not over it for the last week we have been cleaning his bed after his nap, and in the am when he gets up and at least 8 to 12 throw ups a has come back with a vengence I would say...and we wait a few more days on the lab test :( Fortunately he seems happier and hopefully we can keep him on the antibiotics for a longer time.. because while he is on them he does not really do the vomiting...or at least not as much. One or 2 times a week. So we will see what next week brings.

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Andrea said...

Oh my, my baby puked 4 times today and I was SOO tired! You will be in my thoughts:)