Sunday, April 3, 2011

Celebration's Continue....Ben is 19

Ben is the last child I gave birth to biologically. I was 35 and he was our last child I carried in my womb...He was "raised" in addition to dad and mom by his 4 older say he is/was a little bit spoiled well....lots. I loved being pregnant and giving birth was a short memory compared to the life that was birthed to us thru my womb. I love being a momma...and always have been blessed by all the children the Lord has given to us . Where did the years go ? How often as a parent you wonder when did my little one grow up ? Well he has and he is in his 3 semester of college even. He is a work in progress and I have high hopes as to how the Lord will use his life. He is doing very well in school and is in the nursing program. He is still finding out exactly what he wants to do with his life ....Happy Birthday Ben !

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crzy4myfam said...

We have 6 birthdays in 7 weeks! It's crazy...but then we only have 5 more spread out through the!

Looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating with everyone!