Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mady, Ava and some aunts and an uncle....

These were taken Easter... Aunt Naty and Rachel love to take care of Mady and she loves them. Ben brought his bike out getting it ready to ride...He actually got his license and registered it this week...I am not a fan of the motorcycle...I even had our orthopedic surgeon talk with Ben and the Trauma surgeon at his hospital wrote an email to Ben for me...I also made him google accidents involoving motorcycles pictures- which he got mad at me for but these were all requirements before he could do this... I am still against it but that is another issue. Ben was so happy to find out that his motorcycle insurance is only 25 a month and when he said that I said, " That is because your medical insurance for any accident you have on your bike will cost you lots not to mention medically." Prayers please for my son who is now riding his motorcycle.

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