Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Easter Celebration has begun

We are off from our home school for a week now. Easter is my favorite holiday..yes because of the obvious reason we all even have Easter- because of Jesus but it is the beginning of new life, flowers, warmer weather, and celebrating the hope we all can have in Jesus. I love flowers if you have not picked up on that...gardening is a favorite past time for me. I love the colors of Spring and the joy of the laughter of the kids outside . These are some of the things we are doing this week to celebrate Easter.

We always make our own "Tomb" that Jesus was in and rose from. I decorate with lots of flowers and always have at least one Easter Lily - It makes the house smell so good. We do crafts, bake special things and do the Resurrection Eggs. We have had the first dozen of them for over 27 yrs...I read about them that many years ago when our daughter, Molly was a baby in a Billy Graham article. I made them myself and we have used them for every Easter week devotions since then...only now we have a few dozen so that each person gets a chance to open one. What are some of the special things your family does for Easter ?


Loretta said...

What are Resurrection eggs?
They sound like a fun and educational
tool with the kids.

mommajeane said...

Loretta- They are the last picture. You put one symbol from the Resurrection story in each egg-
piece of wood to represent the cross, a nail, grass like a Palm leaf, spices to represent what was rubbed on Jesus' body,thorn to represent the crown of thorns placed on his head and many other symbols. Make sure to include an empty egg to represent the empty tomb. We have lots of symbols because we have one for each child to open...You can have as many as you think of.