Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best Find at the Consignment Sale

This Little Tykes "game chair" was the favorite thing I bought at the consignment sale in NC. I bought it for Andrew since it is all hard plastic, rocks and easy to move around. It folds up and can easily be carried. All the little ones love it. Gracie will be found in it the most... I have to ask her to get out of it and share it :) I was also able to get some clothes for our new little ones, a high chair that can recline- this was the main thing I wanted so we can feed Andrew in it instead of the car seat... but while I was gone the 2 days Leah decided he would eat sitting on a stool or chair....and now I don't need it for him... but Mady loves using it. That is one great thing about buying baby items... I am a NaNa too and everything I have bought I can use with my grand babies.....and my daughters don't have to transport lots of stuff when they come to visit.

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