Monday, January 3, 2011

We have some company :)

Last nite Jenn called unexpectantly to say she was feeling sick and would we mind helping out ? What do you think we said ? Of course not... watch the kids with out their parents --- a Paw Paw and Nana's dream come true :) So Paul met Jeremiah half way and they came home at midnite to us.....Funny how you never know how your week is going to go... Let me just say it is alot noisier and active with the addition of our 3 gbabies from NC but we are loving it. The kids have been super today and ever since Ava came this am I have hardly seen my grand girls and Mya. They did agree to pose for me by the Tangle tower but off they ran to play upstairs.....This swing we bought Andrew is a favorite of the boys and of course they love the puppies....Josiah thought this am that Eli needed to learn all about Josiah's favorite football team... Eli was not to interested though.
We realized today that the ages of Ella, Ezra and Eli are right around the same ages as our 3 children in Ghana....My degree in college was early childhood education and to be around 2, 3 , 4 and 5 yr olds is heaven to me.

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