Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It is snowing... and Jeremiah is up... so it is a football game in the snow

Jeremiah and Jenn came up Sunday... They had a doctor appt. at Hopkins Monday... and there was an ice storm in NC at their home... and it is now snowing here....Will they make it home tomorrow ???? Not sure but if not for sure there will be lots of football as there always is when Jeremiah comes up... from what I heard the girls were awesome :)
It is just starting to snow but is supppose to thru the nite....It is just sticking to the ground as you can on the driveway underneath one of my Christmas presents.... Yes, Paul bought me a new ( used van ) and I am loving my new wheels. We traded our Honda van that had lots of miles and transmission issues ( we had already spent over 1,000 on it ). This new used van only had 16,000 miles- God provided once again.

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