Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthday Happiness- times 2

Caleb is celebrating his 12th b-day and Abraham is celebrating his 28th b-day....Woo Hoo! We had our make your own pizza and salad ( because that is what they wanted tonite) and then Dirt Dessert but this time it had gummi octopus instead of gummi worms. Abraham's girl friend, DeeAnna came over and so did Mary Kate and Keith's family. Now they are watching Star Wars II....because this is what they wanted :) Part of the celebration for your birthday in our family is you get to make the decisions on the meals for your b-day and the activities. Paul and I take the b-day person out to breakfast.... and then within reason you can choose the rest of the day. If it is our school day you still do school. We don't need much of a reason for a party around here :) Celebrating the day of your birth is a huge reason though to celebrate your life.... Tonite we are thankful for the precious lives of Caleb and Abraham in our family.

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Christie M said...

Happy Birthday Caleb and Abraham!