Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two of my princesses....celebrated their b-days today

I tell you it is so hard to deny these 2 anything ...They have me and many others wrapped around their finger as they say. Today we celebrated Mya's 9th b-day and Ava's 4th b-day. Mya has been home now for almost 8 yrs...She was just 11 lbs at almost 13 months when she came home and was "failing to thrive". She was paralyzed and we were told that if we did not adopt her then in January she would not have made it to even the summer. Each year we celebrate her b-day is really celebrating her life. A life that has overcome so much and a life that blesses anyone who meets her.
Ava is my second "grand" daughter and to spend time with any of my grandkids is such joy. To celebrate her life is joy beyond hear them having fun, being excited about their b-day, anticipating fun and good times with the family is a blessing.


Kathleen said...

How fun!! Looks like it was a special day.

Christie M said...

Those two are just so cute together!
Happy birthdays!