Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year... and it was a happy one for us.

Sleeping bags, pillows, food and more food and candy too...Paul slept downstairs with the kids for a sleep out in the sunroom ( watching the movie Despicable Me ). Ava spent the nite with us too. She and I snuggled in bed at 10 ( I can't stay awake for the ball drop) and we ate some more and today all the boys went to Keith's family for a 4 hr Nerf gun battle while I took the girls to Walmart to spend some of their gift card money. Tonite we barbecued and finished with Bible and to bed early....
Ben , Joseph and I are doing a 52 day Bible study together in the evenings now. We have done 3 nites and it is amazing already the transformation of our hearts to being open to the Lord's will. Ben had a really neat experience of change tonite and I am very proud of his willingness to make things right....Prayer and time spent with the Lord do make a difference.

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