Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Their day in pictures... for momma and daddy in NC :)

Eli started off his day with Isaac doing Bible :) He loves baby Mady and Mady wants to eat him...like she does everything else that gets that close to her mouth. Ella was coloring while Mya was finishing her school. Ezra and Eli loved the leftover pies from Mya and Ava's party. Eli and Ava trying to carry each other... Ezra had his own "tea" party and as he shared ," witf cars and french fries." Now that sounds just like a boy tea party :) Then he wanted Luke to , " tell me a secet".... and Luke did - 100 times :) and of course the "princesses had their own tea party... I filled the sugar bowl 2 times...lots in their tea and all over the table . The best part of Paw Paws day was being greeted by these princesses when he came home:)
Are we having too much fun ?