Friday, January 7, 2011

Make your own pizza and a movie nite tonite

Every Friday nite is pizza nite....and a movie. Tonite we decided to make our own pizza with english muffins and the kids are watching Marmeduke. The kids love movies with dogs and so they are enjoying the movie. We have probably watched all the dog movies there are out there... any other good recommendations?


Rachel said...

My favorite dog movie is "Chestnut: Hero of Central Park." It is about two sisters living in an orphanage who find an abandoned puppy. The girls are adopted shortly after they find the puppy...and their new dad is allergic to dogs--so they sneak the dog home and hide it...and yes it is eventually discovered and the movie has a happy ending. I believe it is even rated G.

I also enjoyed "Hotel for Dogs." I think that one is PG so you may wish to watch it before the kids.

Andrea said...

aw,that looks like fun!

Jodi said...

Do NOT, I repeat NOT watch 'My Dog Skip'

oh my! that was the SADDEST show ever and I CRIED in the movie theater....and I NEVER ever do that.

That was years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. I just can't take sad animal shows. When I was a child the show 'Born Free' just did me in! Do you remember that movie??

another oh my.

I'm getting sad just thinking about it :(

mommajeane said...

Thanks for the suggestion Rachel. They love the movie Hotel for Dogs. I will have to see about getting the other one. We have not seen that yet.

mommajeane said...

Thanks Jodi..I did not see it but some of my kids did...and you are right... very sad.

Long Family said...

What fun!!

And how those puppies are growing!! Wow!!

Thanks so much for allowing us to peek into a little of your home and family, it is such a blessing and encouragement to us.

crzy4myfam said...

Love the pizza on english muffins idea. We have Friday Family nights and the kids will love trying this out! Our kids love the movie Cats & Dogs.

Christie M said...

There is also one called the Biscuit Eater. But preview, it is sad too, but I think it has a happy ending.

We had fun watching Marmaduke. :)

They are into horse movies now.
There is a REALLY fun one called "Horse Crazy".... it really turned out to be a favorite.

Difference2This1 said...

We liked that movie too! 75% of the kids are into horse movies, so that's the way we usually roll :)

We're making homemade pizzas tonight :)

Blessings, Jennifer