Monday, January 24, 2011

A boy and His Baby :)

Andrew loves to sleep with this baby doll right now. He is funny that way. He will choose a certain object and it will be his favorite for awhile. Something that brings him comfort or soothes him when he is frustrated. He also likes things a certain his bed- a pack n play. Maybe because the "crib" in the hotel was a pack n play but he sleeps best on this... but not anyway like "normal". You see what he does with the mattress... He folds it up and usually sleeps on the bottom- on top of the bars underneath. Which to the rest of us would be very uncomfortable. Even when we have taped it in a way we think he can't get it loose .... He does and prefers actually gets frustrated if we do change it. He loves anything that is leather or like leather... He loves to suck on them . He also has preferences of the people he wants to play with or take care of him. Since Cate was gone for 10 days...Leah has done wonderful with him. She actually has gotten him to move forward in some areas he was not doing for Cate. We never know or can predict with him what he will like or whom he will allow. He has gotten easier though and anyone can help feed him now since he started eating from a spoon. If there was one thing we could change about him right not it would his vomiting or spitting up... None of the medicine has worked or the behavior mod. techniques we have tried... He goes next week to the GI specialist in Baltimore and I am hoping we can find out that it is something in his GI or not....Something that we know so we can focus more on what is the issue. Please pray for Andrew .

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